0UR HOUSES    
Modern, contemporary or rustic  

click on the images maison bois et lumiereIrismaison bois moderne Orangeemaison bois en cltErineLisa Lisa maison traditionnelle Clematitemaison poteaux poutresLila maison individuelle Jacinthemaison contemporaine en bois Capucinemaison bois et pierres Lys-nuitmaison bois avec garage annexe Soriamaison individuelle en bois Orchidéemaison moderne en poteaux poutres Azaléemaison bois tradiionnelle Camelia maison bois madriers Lysmaison ossature bois Célosiemaison bois avec garageMyosotis 2 maison bois avec piscineGlaieulterrasse bois couverteIris 2maison bois moderneIris 3

Different possibilities :  
  • Traditional framework with massif wood structure
  • Thick "madriers" with or without insulation
  • Solid wood structure with massif or glue laminated wood
  • Houses " poteaux poutres"
  • Concrete structure covered with wood
  • Traditional "savoyard" architecture
  • Modern rustic or contemparary
  • Personalized to your own specifications
  • According to your drawings
  • Designed by our own engineering department (cao)
  • Munufactured by local craftmen in our workshops
Our houses are always personalized to your own specifications  
You may be pleased to know that we can also give you more advice about interior or exterior decoration
Delivery possibilities:  
Completely fitted in Haute-Savoie :
  • Guarantees and insurance C.C.M.I.
  • Management of work
  • Administrative authorization
With plots of land :  
  • Completelety fitted
  • Fitted outside
  • Administrative authorization
Just the shell next to Haute-savoie :  
  • Wood shell set up
  • Roofing and covering
Do it yourself :  
  • Providing wood frame
  • Technical drawings CFAO
  • Free hot line for information
  • click below to get more information :
Other possibilities :  
  • Do not hesitate to contact us :
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