Our garages and carports    
Modern , contemporary or rustic   click on the imagesCharmeCarport 1 carAbri 2 voitures Carport 2 cars abri poteaux poutres Roofed open-sided sheltergarage et abri Garage and shelterGarage et rangement Garage and storagegarage et annexe Oscha Garage et annexe Garage and annexemazot et abri Mazot and shedGarage une ou deux voitures Garage 1 or 2 carsGarage et abri bois Garage and wood shed Abri pour le bois Wood shedtechnique madriers Technique madriers
All the avantages of the massif wood  
  • Thick massif wood "madriers"
  • Quick and easy to assembleclick to see more detail
  • Insulation possibility
  • Others technical possibilities: framework , "poteaux poutres" , wood structure
  • Traditional "savoyarde" architecture
  • Modern , rustic or contemporary design
  • Personalized to your own specifications
  • According to your drawings
  • Designed by our own engineering department (cao)
  • Munufactured by local craftmen in our workshops
Wide range of models in different size  
Quick and simple to assemble, you do not need any special tool or equipment for the installation
Delivery possibilities:  
Completely fitted in Haute-Savoie :
  • Guarantees and insurance C.C.M.I.
  • Management of work
  • Administrative authorization
With plots of land :  
  • Completelety fitted
  • Fitted outside
  • Administrative authorization
Just the shell next to Haute-savoie :  
  • Wood shell set up
  • Roofing and covering
Do it yourself :  
  • Providing wood frame
  • Technical drawings CFAO
  • Free hot line for information
  • click below to get more information :
Other possibilities :  
  • Do not hesitate to contact us :
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